Saturday, October 23

rainy saturday.

i love rainy days.  one of my favorite types of weather.
perfect day to cozy up and read a book {which is what i did all morning.}

it's suppose to rain for the next few it!
just something about the rain that makes me smile :)

enjoy the weather {in your neck of the woods!}
xoxo, jamie

p.s thank you mom for the hour long phone call :)  i needed it!


J.Cee said...

Glad you've had a good day, then. :)

Rorie said...

I love a good rainy day too<3

Leah said...

Aww, I loved that you thanked your mom for the hour long phone call on your blog! That's so sweet! It has been super rainy here all last week so I'm looking forward to it stopping so I can go to the beach and lay out!

Sydney said...

Jamie! Where did you get your template design and the text for your title? I feel totally lost with this stuff and it seems like you've got it all figured out. I'm trying to start a new blog :)

btd. said...

Thunderstorms relax me ! :)