Monday, October 25

help a brother out...


my {twin} brother who happens to be awesome has this thing for jumping...on and off things.  
but right now he has decided to make a video about his trampoline experiences.  
well...i think he's pretty good.  that's just me though...
but he wants to know what YOU think, yes i really mean YOU!
so help a sister and brother {or a set of twins} out and watch this video and maybe even "like" it.
if they get enough people to watch it, he could be in the running for some money
or just some recognition...which is always nice.
so promote it on your facebook, twitter, or blog or just watch it {over and over again!}
because with that you are helping a stranger and sometimes that gives you good feeling ;)

thank you for your attention.
clayton appreciates it and so do i.

xoxo, jamie

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Barry said...

Mad skillz fo sho, but I couldn't tell which one was Clayton. I hit the "like" option but it wasn't available at the time for some reason, so I'll try again later. Anything to help you guys out! (I love how you support your brother Jamie!) <3

Cookie Ross said...

Isn't it good that you have such lovely followers who'll follow the links :)
Pretty damn good.

ClaytonJenkins said...

Best sister EVER!