Friday, August 13


so i may have a few celebrity man big deal right?  wrong! 
too many cute men out there!  just saying.

josh hartnett

zac efron

james franco

bradley cooper

 taylor lautner

chace crawford

and ryan reynolds

i can't help it...i like the men :)

xoxo, jamie


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh gosh.... What eye candies!

Bree said...

Zac Efron is just simply beautiful. His shots from Detail magazine I think, O-M-G.
And Ryan Reynolds, there are no words for him.

missy. said...

seems as though we have the same taste in men. delicious.

Reina said...

ohhh men are just a joy to look stare at sometimes ;D

Jamie said...

Oh baby! "So many men, so little time," haha jk. Really, though. I fell in love with Josh Hartnett when I saw Pearl Harbor and have been in love ever since!

DT said...


followin u!

Portraying Taylor Ashley said...

zac and taylor !! oh my gosh so sexy all these men are wow[: im glad they exist just for us! awesome blog !

Anonymous said...

Best post I've seen all day! Phenomenal pictures of gorgeous men. Thank you for brightening my day!

natalie said...

better men than women, right? ha.
seriously, we have lots of the same celebrity crushes.
ryan reynolds. LOVE HIM.
i would faint if i saw him i think.
and chase crawford, and zac efron, and taylor lautner.
ok, i'll stop. but for real. so good looking.
where are the guys who look like them?

Kenz said...

You and me both! Love them. :)

Allie Burnham said...

Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds are truly delicious!