Tuesday, August 10

happy list.

i think it's time for another list of what makes me happy :)

mom's homemade mac & cheese.
wood hangers.
 seeing a good friend after four years.
blog stalking all of you.
ben & jerry's.
dressing up.

knowing fall is coming.
art festivals.
america's next top model.
tons of new pictures.
a clean room.
harry potter marathons.
dreaming about my future.
and smiles from strangers.

what are some of yours?

xoxo, jamie

picture via {weheartit}


Krystal said...

I just love love LOVE the picture you chose for this! It is delicate yet so empowering!

A lot of the things that make you happy, also make me happy :). Mostly the one about FALL. It's my all time favorite season!!!!

wakingupamy said...

Yes!! Fall is coming soon!! It's my favorite fashionable time of the year!

Tasha said...


I just wanted to let you know I'll be leaving the blogging world for awhile. check out my recent blog entry to find out why.

Tasha said...

hey thanks for the comment. I will sure keep you updated. if you happen to have twitter, then add me @tashamasc and if not, then I will just stop by your blog to read all your awesome stories =)

Reina said...

:D love blog stalking people too!
hmmm. actaully just ice cream in general.
yay for ANTM and Gossip Girl (love it) !!!
LOVE a clean room. actaully mine is always clean.
hahaha, usually im the one to smile at strangers ;D
i just organize in general.

dreaming about my future is like every second of my day when my mind isnt focused on somthing. literally. dreaming of where i want to travel, what it want to do, it occupies a LARGE section of my mind.