Friday, June 11

let's do another...

happy list!

audrey hepburn.
new role of ribbon.
pay day.
newly printed pictures.
a big bowl of cereal.
chick soup for the soul books.
 a new crush.
new shoes.
the relaxation of a long shower.
finding a new blog to stalk.
john mayer's music.
having 3 missed calls, 2 voice mails and 6 texts after work.
the show "saved by the bell".

do we share some of the same happiness's?  if not i would love to hear them!

xoxo, jamie

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leigh ashley said...

i love all those things!! yay!! sharpies are my fave!

Bree said...

ahh cereal! I have been eating a bowl of honey nut cheerios every night lately.

Laura said...

mmmmm. A new crush :P

Been there, done that recently :)

Barry said...

A very small list of things that make me happy and for which I'm thankful:

-the love of a beautiful family and friends (those I can touch, and those on-line)
-sunrises of spectacular, coloured fire that paint the sky and warm me each morning
-your gorgeous smile that greets me sometimes when I visit here.
-all the things in life I don’t like. I may not enjoy them, but I cannot ever forget how lucky I am for the chance to be alive to experience those moments.
-brilliant minds who share their vision and hope
-caring hearts who give selflessly and catch my fall, should I stumble
-poetic souls whose prose, passed down through centuries, makes love to my mind with words of wisdom, passion and eloquence. What an amazing gift this is.

It's late at night otherwise I'd have dozens more to share!


Barry said...

PS: Thanks for your comment on my 100 followers post Jamie!

Katie said...

New crushes make me happy, is it bad to have crushes when you are engaged? But it is completely addicting, the stolen glances, exchanging smirky knowing smiles, purposely wearing your hottest outfit when you know you might see them :D It just makes my life so much more fun.