Friday, June 11

justin bobby.

i'm addicted to the city.

i can't help it...drama, fashion, new york all in one.  what's not to like?

well i'm in love with it!

but i'm also addicted to the hills and i'm going to admit that i have a crush on justin bobby!  always have and probably always will!  i don't know what it is about him, his grunge?  his scruff?  i don't know maybe his charm?  the bad boy image?  i just like it.

okay i said it.  justin bobby i have a crush on you.

have a great weekend!

xoxo, jamie

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Kelly and Sara said...

oh no i HATE justin bobby!!!!!

Island Gal said...

but he is sooo unstable...

Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

haha. yes this is all true but i think i'm mostly going off appearances here. plus for some reason in real life i go for the bad ones so i guess i go for them on tv as well.

natalie said...

100% obsessed with Justin Bobby. mmmm.