Tuesday, June 22

i got a question for you...

so lovely bloggers i need your expertise!

i, jamie marie, am throwing a baby shower for a dear friend of mine!!

and since it's my first one i need your help {pretty please!}

i have never done one of these so i need pointers.  such as what works and what doesn't work.

also...i'm having a hard time picking between shower invitations.
i have two that i'm stuck between choosing.
there is this one, and there is this one.
 let me know what one you like!
all the help would be great!!!!

thank you loves!

xoxo, jamie


Sydney said...

who of your friends is having a baby? is it one of my friends too?

Bree said...

I don't have any pointers, as I've never thrown one myself, and haven't been to one in years, but I do like the invite with the stork :)

Kathy said...

I love the wild animal invite! Those animals are so cute!

Sorry, I don't have any suggestions. I've only been to two baby showers and both of them had food and presents. The one had baby clothes (onesies, socks, bibs, etc) hung up on a clothes line. That was really cute.

Amoree said...

Well it kind of depends on the theme of the baby shower. If you are going animal print for the entire thing ie) plates cups cakes etc go with the animal one, but if you are going more classic for the rest so with the stork!!!


Krystal said...

I vote on the stork! too cute.

All I've been to have food, presents, and games.

#1 Dirty Diaper Game- take different chocolate candy bars and smash each one in a different diaper. OH, and number each diaper and make a key for yourself of which bar belongs with what diaper. At the shower, each person gets a sheet of paper and numbers it. Pass around each number for everyone to guess what kind of candy bar is in each diaper. The winner gets a prize.

#2 On a piece of paper list the letters from the alphabet from A-Z. Everyone should try to come up with as many baby items that start with the letters...put a 5 minute time limit on this. (B-bottle, C-carriage, D-diaper cream, S-stuffed animal)

And of course, the usual pacifier and close pin are classics. I've done them at every baby shower and enjoyed it. Put a plastic pacifier around some ribbon and everyone gets one to wear. If someone says baby you can steal their pacifier and whoever has the most at the end gets a prize. With the clothes pin, you are not allowed to cross your legs. If you see someone cross their legs you can steal their pin and whoever has the most at the end of the shower, gets a prize.

There's also guessing how big around the Mommy to be is. You can use yarn, but I recommend toilet paper. It's easiest to simply count the squares to see who is the closest.

Stringing clothes and baby items from a clothes pin is always cute!

That's all the ideas I have!!!

Sarah Tucker said...

just stick with a theme... if you do the animal one- maybe a zoo theme. the stork- maybe a nesting theme.

another tip- make a playlist and helps if there is any sort of awkward silence and takes away from the pressure of the soon to be mommy when opening gifts.

Good luck! and what a sweet thing for you to do for someone.