Friday, May 28

weekly recap


so i'm going to start this "weekly recap" thing from letters from coco.

in one word or phrase - STRESS

i'm dreaming of you - my book to arrive from barnes & noble :)

song on repeat - "Can't Touch It' by Ricki-Lee (Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack)

gotta write it down - "wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen" - anonymous

lesson learned - never leave a fish out in a room with the window open and it snowing {poor mr. big got too cold}
picture to frame -last picture i got with ryan before he left home for montana {he'll be gone for two years on his mission to mexico.}

{please ignore the fact that i and my hair look like i just woke up because i think i just did wake from a nap!}
highlight of the week - the fact that it's finally the weekend and i'm all better now!

weekend to do list - work, homework, eat, repeat.

enjoy your weekend!

xoxo, jamie


Jessica. aka frank. said...

Cute! did you date him or is it just a friend?

Cole said...

love the quote. think I'll write that down too. :)

Barry said...

Nice photo of the two of you Jamie. What mission is Ryan on?

Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

thanks barry! he is going somewhere in mexico?!