Monday, May 24

introducing mr. big!

just so you all know...

i got a fish!

and he is named mr. big!

i believe its appropriate since satc2 comes out in 3 days!

this fish has some pretty good shoes to fill ;)

have a great day now!

xoxo, jamie

picutre {via}


leigh ashley said...

fun! what kind of fishy is it??

missy. said...

haha i am so glad you got a fish and you named him mr. big - that just made my day.

3 days till satc2!! so excited.

Sophie said...

haha perfect name for a fish.
The human Mr. Big looks fricken sexy in this photo.
ive got to wait 9 days until it comes out in Australia - next thursday. booo.
hope you are having a good day :)

Kelly and Sara said...

haha I love it!