Monday, April 12


okay, i'm stressed.

i'm going to vent now because this week has been hell...

i have a presentation, a quiz and a test all on wednesday.

i have been studying all day and i studied all yesterday 
and i will be studying all day tomorrow.

my presentation is coming together slowly, it's hard for
my group to get all the information we need let 
alone find a time we can all meet together.

my test on wednesday is just stressing me out. 
it's math and it's hard for me to understand it.
i've been doing extra math everyday and getting help but i still can't grasp it.

the quiz will be fine, i have already read all the information i need 
i just don't like the fact that it's on the same day as everything else.

i feel like i have been living here{at the library}for days.  
i even ordered food here once so i didn't have to leave.

and to note i have to revise my nine page research paper and change a 
few things on my resume so i can turn them in tomorrow for a completely different class.


oh and to add i burnt my hair on accident this morning 
so now i smell like burnt hair and the smell is just lingering. 

i know this doens't sound like a lot and i've done this all before and this will be like nothing like finals but for some reason with summer registration, work and school i'm feeling very overwhelmed at the moment.  

there, i'm done venting.

time for me to study some more...

i hope you all have a good week & i promise i'll be more optimistic next time.

xoxo, jamie
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Amoree said...

Goood Luck. I feel your pain. I have 3 papers due this week all 10 pages or over and I have to run a group counseling sessions and I have a individual counseling session on Friday!! Ugh!!

shannon said...

your week now sounds like my week last week. hang in there! i am proof that a person can get through it.

Ashley Nicole said...

good luck! I'm sorry, that sucks that you have all that due at once. You'll get through it though. :)

i'm no miss said...
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i'm no miss said...

Had I've read this the other day, I could have related to your distress 100%. But I can still relate. I studied the whole week last week and had the exams yesterday. Literally shutting down my laptop so I won't be tempted to peek on my blog and other's blogs. Only to have the exams cover a few topics of several books god knows how thick!

Really, grrr.