Wednesday, April 14


it's wednesday and even though the major stresses are gone...
i'm still stressed...but i won't vent again.

thanks for your sympathy everyone, i really needed that, it makes me feel so loved :)

as of right now i'm in my brothers apartment using his computer because i have locked myself out of my room for the trillionth time this semester...go me

on a happy note three lovely bloggers have given me the beautiful blogger award!  
i'll post more on that when i have time.  thank you ladies!!!

you know what i want to do right now this instant?!
i want to get a jamba juice and costa vida salad and eat them outside because...
today feels so nice outside, but i need to save my money so i won't! so i'll 
stick to drawing with chalk on my BIG patio instead.

oh and a trip to disneyland would be great too!

have a great wednesday afternoon!

xoxo, jamie

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xoxoKrysten said...

Just take deep breathes - it'll help.

And I'd love a trip to Disneyland too!

7upkels said...

you can count me in for a trip to disneyland ANYTIME or ANY DAY of the year. that place is the best place on earth - i would even go there on my honeymoon!

hope your feeling better and enjoying more of the beautiful weather!!!