Wednesday, January 16

an itch...

i may be the most indecisive person you could ever meet...but i'm also extremely impulsive.  if i get an idea, it itches at me and that's the only thing on my mind until it happens.  get what i'm saying?  it just sits there on my brain tapping it's feet up and down impatiently.  well the most recent one is books.  not grown up gone girl (great read) kinda books, but child books.  yes, child books.  i just have this fantasy of reading those innocent books to my child on the floor or in a rocking chair having him or her flipping the pages back and forth with curiosity.  but alas, i have no children nor husband (my mom would prefer that go in order.) so i guess this itch will just tap, tap away until that day comes.

so in the meantime, to subdue that itch... i don't think it would hurt to start my collection early? grateful for a  little slice of heaven called barnes & noble!

xoxo, jamie

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