Monday, November 26

you snooze, you lose.

after observing how i wake up in the morning for the past few months... i've come to conclude i've got to be one of the oddest sleepers.  i sleep with one pillow, two pillows, no pillow.  all changes throughout the night.  i usually fall asleep on my side or stomach (i call it the peter pan) but end up waking up on my back.

after looking at the sleep positions (yes i googled it).  i've decided that in sleep i go from position a (usually), somehow to position f.  and somewhere in the mix... there is some peter pan position.  (try it. i believe it's very comfortable position: think how peter pan flys with one leg bent, arms up.  good job)! 

question for you now...what position do you sleep in?

xoxo, jamie

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Barry said...

I used to sleep in position (e) but don't any more since I found that I was waking up with a sore neck. Now I start as (d), but I must end up as (f) since I'm often told I'm a very good listener.

BTW doesn't (f) look like pretty much every drunk person you've ever seen dancing at a wedding?

As a side note, for weeks I was waking up with a really sore left arm each morning. I could never figure out why, after a while I realized it was because I was sleeping with my cat nestled into me with my arm wrapped around him. I stopped and the pain went away!