Friday, September 21

long time no see...

life has become busy... and i've fully neglected this little space on the internet of mine.  for that i am sorry.  i hope no one was too disappointed.  i'm sure i've lost followers over the course of my absent but if you are reading this now, thank you :) know that i appreciate you taking the time after my missing in action sequence to stick with me.

for now i'll just post pictures of what's happened over the course of my absence.

tash right before she left for her lds mission


at 4 months

utah state fair!
5 months... clayton finally got his bench!

 just a little perspective into my life right now.  full rollercoaster but i'm handling it best i can.  thank you so much for all the love and support i have received in the past months!  love you all.

xoxo, jamie

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Brittany said...

i'm glad you're back to blogging. :) love you, girl!