Saturday, May 19

twin & zoo.

watched we bought a zoo last night.  such a good story... definitely a movie i would watch over and over again.  

i just want to post some photos of clayton and i.  i have about a million so i'm sure i'll post them randomly but here are some of my favorites!

miss you buddy boy!  love you always!

xoxo, jamie


laur said...

i just can't even fathom what you are going through, but i must say i've admired your strength.
i've always thought you were such an incredible person, though i've never known you TOO well. your radiance shows in everything you do.

i felt that same way about clayton. back when he had a facebook, every comment he left on my page was positive & uplifting. what a perfect pair of twins you two are!

L!$@ said...

You were two very cute little kids! Thinking of you!

Bret, Bekah, and Skylar Grace said...

You guys were the cutest little twins, and anyone can see you two had a strong bond. I think about you and your family every day, and I hurt for you. It's a beautiful thing, though, to see your strength and all the support you all have behind you. See you soon hopefully! :)

Love ya Jamie.


Barry said...

Dunno why but my favourite is of the two of you leaning into the post! :)

Kourtney Jayne said...

You Guys are so cute!! love you both!!!