Wednesday, May 30

one step at a time.

thanks for all your sweet comments, emails and text messages.  love you all, seriously.  helps the day a little more.  especially to all my close friends being there for me.  this has been a tough road but i'm making it.  clayton was not only my older brother but my twin brother and it's hard not having my other half by my side.  but each day i have the support of all of you and my family plus knowing he's watching over me that gets me through it.  i'm sure most my posts will be short for the next few months but know that i'm still reading all of yours each and every day.

memorial day.

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xoxo, jamie

p.s. glee always puts a smile on my face. & shout out to barry for all his sweet comments on my posts.  check out his blog.


Barry said...

Jamie, I dropped by to leave a few words and the end of this post literally took my breath away. Those words mean a lot.

I can't tell you how much I've thought of you and your family. How I've felt through the years of coming here and following along with your life that I grew to know Clayton, if even a little. I certainly got a strong sense of him. We'll never know just how many people we touch, we're all just drops in a big pool but our ripples extend infinitely beyond our reach, sometimes resonating forever.

I don't know how it happens, it's just amazing to me how deeply we can feel for people we've never met. I talk with people every day about some of the most intense things imaginable in their lives, yet when somebody loses a loved one I stumble. But we all honour and pay our respects in our own way, and I wanted everyone in my circle to know about him and what you're going through.

Please know that although we haven't really talked outside of here my thoughts are with you daily. I don't worry about you JJ, I know you'll pull through. Thank you for all the inspiration, positivity and smiles you bring to me and all of your readers.

Barry said...

Thinking of you today and every day Jamie, hope you and everyone are doing okay. :)

Barry said...

Hope you have a good weekend!