Sunday, January 29

yes to...

ever found a beauty product and have been "wow!" 

i have found my match... vegetables/fruits.  okay not really but the new product line  yes to carrots is my favorite no fail products i have in my bathroom today.

let's start with yes to tomatoes acne spot stick.  this thing works miracles.  you feel a zit coming on...just roll on your face.  that's it.  friday night i felt a big zit coming on (like the gross under skin ones), just rolled this on it that night and saturday morning and the zit didn't show up.  somehow magically disappeared and i have yet to have a zit on my face for three weeks now.

then there is the yes to blueberries eye roller.  when i wake up with lines under my eyes these make my eyes pop.

also, the mask works wonders (pores seem smaller after!) and the night cream makes my skin glow and feel very moisturized. 

plus side, the line is based off of natural items in the world...hardly any chemicals compared to other product lines and packed with vitamins. 

any beauty products you love?


p.s. this stuff doesn't break the bank.  VERY reasonable priced.