Wednesday, November 23

the vow.

i may or may not have not teared up watching this ... and i will probably ball my eyes out in the movie theatre but i will go to this.  probably drag the boyfriend too!

please tell me i'm not alone on being sappy about this!?



L!$@ said...

Oh no! I have been waiting for this one to come out for ages!! I just want to see it now...I can see me needing a whole box of tissues!

brookeiam said...

you're NOT alone!!! i can't wait for this to come out. i'm realllly hoping it's a happy ending, but it's hard to say!

Jess said...

Oh I really want to see this one, have a feeling I may need a tissue for at least one part

Alyssa O'Toole said...

Ohhhh it looks so good!!! Glad you told me to go watch the trailer!