Wednesday, October 19

witness protection.

first, thank you for all your sweet comments about the change.  it's still crazy to get use to; but it's actually growing on me and i'm liking the change.  i still feel like i'm wearing a wig though [like taylor swift.] plus no one recognizes me so its like i'm in some kind of witness protection agency.  thanks for all your sweet thoughts on the blog, tweets, emails and in person.  very much appreciated!

second, i know this is super early but i'm starting to think of christmas ideas.  anyone have any good ideas that you have done in the past that people loved?  please share your thoughts!  thanks.



Delaney said...

I have a suggestion about your hair. Only because I went to the dark side. twice. haha now back to very very blonde and happy. but change your make up. You might need to go buy new make up and maybe some new clothes that go with the darker color :) I didn't but I wish I would have.

Natalie said...

for my dad's gift I am going to take him on a daddy daughter date to the batting cages and the driving range, then for a treat of some sort. Not sure if your dad would like that, but that's what I'm gonna do! (lets home he doesn't creeply read your blog...hahah)

as for your hair, love it. makes me want to do something to mine.. suggestions for me?

Anonymous said...

Jamie, you have got to be one of the prettiest girls I know, and to top it all off you are way too nice. Ok i'm done gushing, Christmas Idea, homemade gifts are a popular fav. I went through a phase where I was making friends black and white photo collages. I made a collage out of an old school desk i found at the D.I.

Jess said...

Love the new hair look! it looks really nice on you!

& Stuff said...

Liking the new look, sis!

missy. said...

have you been to rhiannes blog yet?

i told her i will need at least one of these for a christmas gift. they are freaking darling.

Bree said...

We kinda look alike now hahah
I'm tellin' ya, it's been a month now since I've dyed it and people still walk by me in the neighborhood!