Wednesday, October 26

something about love.

i just LOVE good love story.  don't you?  i recently just finished the book One Day and i highly suggest you read it as well. hooked like chocolate i was! 

so tell me.  what are some of your favorite love stories?  be them poems, books or movies i would like to hear your thoughts.

here are some of mine.
tristan and isolde, the notebook [book & movie], the curious case of benjamin button, when harry met sally, water for elephants [book], dear john [book], one day [book], oh and tangled!

xoxo, jamie


Angie said...

500 days of summer, Definitely Maybe, Lars and the real girl, and I'm a sucker for You've got mail. All movies by the way. I like the ones that seem more like real life, that surprise me, or that don't really have that "happily ever after, everything is perfect" feel.

missy. said...

i loved water for elephants, book and movie! great post.

Whitney said...

I saw One Day at the movies and i totally went into the ugly cry in public. I was a wreck, but such a good story!