Friday, October 7

new girl.

i have a new favorite show and i'm sure you've heard about it or have seen it.   new girl played by the lovely zooey deschanel.  I LOVE IT!  something about her character and how she lives with three guys just reminds me of well, me.  maybe the fact that i rely on a few of my certain close guy friends for everything or the fact that she has her "oh!" moments too.  either way, i think you should probably watch it and let me know what you think!

this weekend is going to be pretty relaxing.  going to thriller production tonight, maybe a haunted house tomorrow and a hockey game sunday all while enjoying momma and me time this whole weekend!  what are your plans!?


p.s. i ROCKED all my exams and essays this week.  go me!!


missy. said...

yay! go you! i love her. will definitely have to watch this.

Sara Szatmary said...

I loved that show from the minute it started but when the LOTR references started I considered proposing.

Krystal said...

This show rocks! I can definitely relate to her quirks of breaking out in song and using movie references.

It's a great show all around!!

Have you seen the new show Whitney? She is pretty unique as well and the show is funny!

Natalie said...

i've only seen about 20 minutes of this show.. and it was entertaining. i just can't get hooked on yet, another show!

enjoy it for me :)

Anonymous said...

lol...this show is adorable! the only downfall: it's on at the same time as one of the other shows I watch and so I catch up with it online!

& congrats on doing well on your exams/essays =)

Rorie said...

I love love love New Girl & Lord of the Rings!!!!
hahah yay!