Friday, September 23

lost. and. crazy.

this week has been super duper busy.  i can't believe it's friday.  the only reason i know is because my laundry has piled up and i have nothing cute to wear for tomorrow.  awesome.  and amongst the pile somewhere is my brain.  cool.  i've seemed to have lost it over the past few days and i kinda need it.   it's gone.   i mean it.  for example...those moments that happen when n you just did something but you can't remember you did it, or when you put something away (in my purse) but frantically search everywhere else for it (but the purse).  it's a day-to-day activity for me and it's starting to get old.  real old.

BUT alas it is the weekend.  that is music to my ears.  hallelujah. 

anything fun planned for you?  i'm FINALLY going to see crazy stupid love.  hello ryan gosling.


p.s.  i babysat a piglet two days ago.  picture soon to come!


{av} | {long distance loving} said...

I was SO happy on Friday that the weekend was upon us, though now that it's Sunday afternoon...I'm already wishing for next weekend to be here ;) I still haven't seen Crazy Stupid Love...I love me some Ryan Gosling though, so I need to see it soon. Our weekend has been low-key, but that's just what I needed! Hope yours was great! xoxo {av}

Dree said...

Please let us know how amazing Crazy Stupid Love is! I am dying to see that movie. Those forgetful moments? Whenever they happen I call it the Mad Cow Disease setting in. Either people laugh or they don't bug me to find things anymore! It works, I swear.

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

missy. said...

i just saw crazy stupid love last night. OMG i was in love. fabulous movie and ryan gosling?! i would let him park his shoes under my bed if you know what i mean. i read that in my book, haha how hilarious is that?