Wednesday, August 31

ms. klutz.

i may be the most accident prone person in the state of utah.  okay not really.  but i would probably recieve some kind of an award if there was a contest.  last night at work i somehow managed to break the skin on my eyelid and right below the eye by moving a shelf and hitting myself with a bracket.  there was blood and i was (silently) scared for the life of my eyeball.  all is good.  an ice pack plus a few good laughs from co-workers made everything okay.  now for me to come up with an incredible story to tell people...because i'm sorry but hitting yourself with a bracket just sounds lame.  any suggestions?

xoxo, jamie

p.s. classes are going great so far.  i'm sure i'll have a great semester.


missy. said...

i'm pretty klutzy too. the funny thing, is i'm far less of a klutz when i'm in my heels haha

AshtonRaeVest said...

Thats ok I think EVERYONE has klutzy moments!!


Anonymous said...

Haha, I 'tripped' down the stairs and jammed the bones in my foot. I tell people I did it wakeboarding :) Shh.