Sunday, July 17

someone find me an aussie!

what is it with guys and accents?  better yet guys with accents that can sing!?  well i would like one.  so be on the look out for me.  thanks.

i'm just kidding.  cute boy is plenty sweet to me and i wouldn't trade him!  but maybe i'll just ask him to fake an accent sometime?

xoxo, jamie


Anonymous said...

If you are into Aussies who can sing I suggest Whitley song "More than life" or "Poison in our pockets".

L!$@ said...

I can totally hook you up with'd just have to come to Aus and visit me first :P Accents are the best!! LOVE accents! and if they can sing on top of that...oh man! :D

Cami said...

HAHA! Too funny. I love accents. So much.

Aussie accents...yet please. I adore Chase from "House" because of his accent...that's it. Hahah!


missy. said...

haha i know the feeling.. i told boyfriend this weekend that he should have an aussie accent. he loves them too. sooo gorgeous.

Ashley Michelle said...

Um yeahhhh Keith Urban is wayyyy attractive. I love how his songs are so heartfelt. I am currently in love with "without you". Such a stinkin' cute song! I'm glad that I came across your blog, it is super cute :)