Wednesday, July 27


does anyone know where i can find a beanie like this!?  i think it would be perfect for this upcoming school year!

on another note...  all my images disappeared over night from every post.  bad blogger!  i don't know what happened so while i am uploading all of them, please ignore the empty posts.  thank you.

xoxo, jamie

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Jessica said...

urban outfitters always has a great selection of beanies. (if they don't have many right now, check back in the fall.) i think i have WAYYYYY to many from there. i love this one. good luck :)

missy. said...

oh that sucks! i hope you get it figured out.

Brit. said...

I got two big hangy ones like this from forever 21. They had those puff balls on the end of each & I just cut them off! Hope you find some cute girl(: