Saturday, July 9

okay people...

i need your creative minds to start thinking.   in a few weeks m will be turning 4 and her birthday is "Tangled" theme.  i've gathered ideas from across the web such as below but if you have any other ideas, let's hear them!

any idea would be appreciated!
xoxo, jamie

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Lauren Crews said...

Do you think having this theme as my 23rd bday party would be too weird?! It's precious! Such a great movie! Maybe you could make some of those lanterns to hang form the ceiling! Just come construction paper and string! Have fun!

Jamie said...

Great idea. I think having a scavenger hunt trying to find Flynn Rider. Have different clues that he could leave behind, and then at the end have some kind of prize for all the kids. Also Rapunzal loved to paint, so you could have each of them paint.

Kate said...

I was also going to suggest little lanterns! That would be so pretty! I just loved Tangled.

p.s. I'm now following you on Pinterest!