Monday, July 4

hotdogs and hamburgers.

took cupcakes to work.

enjoyed watching dogs swim.

of course sparklers!

best seat for fireworks.

finished the night with glowsticks and pb&j.
did everyone enjoy the 4th of july!?  i always love this holiday.  good american food, parades with candy and of course fireworks!

this year was different.  first, i wasn't working which is a first in four years.  second, i wasn't home.  but of course i enjoyed it none the less...

i hope everyone had a safe holiday.  can't wait to read your experiences!

xoxo, jamie


Rorie said...

Hahah awh, looks like a great 4th!!! The last picture is too cute!!

missy. said...

that looks like so much fun :)

PurpleMist. said...

Aww the photos are beautiful :)

An Hour After Yesterday said...

:) these are beautiful photography!!!
Thanks for following!

Im following you now toooo