Monday, June 6

it's been awhile.

i've been busy but i'm back to update you on everything.   i've had tons of adventures already...

i've eaten at tons of yummy places with cute girls
learned that onion rings are great for accessorizing.
earned two labs love even if it's just to play
watch 5 dogs take a bath.
spotted elvis and very cool looking dog.
i am counting down the days until i go to disneyland!  only five left :)

how is your summer so far!?

xoxo, jamie


Ashley Nicole said...

that little girl with the really dark hair is beautiful! Do you nanny her?

& Stuff said...

Looks like you're enjoying yourself! -clayton

Angie Hronek said...

wow! how fun. Those girls are so pretty! I'm prayin for brown hair and the Mr.'s blue eyes.