Thursday, June 30

i'm alive.

you know that moment when you are bed and you are wondering if it's worth it to get up and go to the bathroom?  happens on a daily basis and it's just plain annoying.  but you know the moment you come back to bed you'll pass out into deep sleep as soon as you hit the pillow.  i should stop drinking lots of water at night.

but on another note you'll never guess what i got to do last night!  i got to see this amazing woman sing at ceasar's palace.  i've never been to anything like this and i wish everyone girl could go to her performance.  plus her outfits were to die for.  in the words of rachel zoe "i die!" 

this was her opening dress.
i wish i would have gotten some pictures of proof i went out in the colosseum.  it just slipped my mind.  but if you are with your girls and looking for a good show to go to in vegas...i suggest celine dion!

xoxo, jamie

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Amanda said...

one word: jealous.

i heart celine dion, so much. "i die" for her too!

Rorie said...

Ohhh lady!!! I am jealous!

L!$@ said...

Her dresses always seem to be outstanding.