Thursday, June 16

day 1.

i'll give you a day-by-day, picture telling, brief overview of each day.  i was a little camera happy, so i'll try not over-stimulate your brain.

day 1.  welcome everyone. keep your feet on the floor, hand on the curser, and enjoy your views.

after 4 hour car ride we arrive at hotel and "ooh & aah" over the view.   to your left is disneyland,  california adventure to your right, and the disney gift shop directly below.
next stop was our very first ride....little mermaid under the sea.
we then greeted out first character with the biggest bear-hug...
and kissed our second.
received over our first (head-hitting) mickey balloon.
then was forced to switch mickey ears and was put in a box to sell as action figures.
and at last enjoyed relaxing on my hotel's patio.
not too bad for the first day.  not too bad.

xoxo, jamie

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abby | ybba said...

Ahhh this looks so much fun! Disneyland in general is fun! hehe!