Monday, June 20

4 & 5.

early in the morning (6:30 to be exact) i woke up to arrive early at disneyland to ride the grown-up rides. i felt like such an adult.  it was the only time we had to go off and ride the bigger rides compared to the tea-cups and dumbo ride. 

luckily for me the rest of the day wasn't too long.  i even snuck in a nap.

waiting for the parade
seeing the princes float.  m sure loves the princesses.

peter pan came right up to k and gave her a high-five.  cutest thing!  too bad m's hand is in the way.
... on to day 5.

donald!  he was so cute with them...and i even got a kiss on the cheek!
haha.  she was determined.
look at that face!
after an hour and a half of waiting... they got to meet rapunzel.
after rapunzel we did last minute shopping then headed back to vegas.  it was a great trip and i'm so lucky to have gotten the chance to go!

xoxo, jamie


Melissy J said...

ahh I want your life!

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

oh this totally takes me back to the days when my parents used to take me to Disneyland or Disneyworld. It was so fun and exciting, I looked forward to it the whole year!

Looks like a great time, I seriously am jealous I am looking at these pictures while working in a dull boring office. ugh.