Wednesday, May 25

so far so good.

i'm vegas!  my internet connection isn't very good so i'm sure there will be a lack of posts this summer, but i'm hoping that will change because it's only been a few days and there has been so much that has happened.   i'll try and squeeze everything in most posts so be patient with me; but if not blame the wifi.

to start.  everything is going great.  the girls are adorable and already slowly warming up to me.  the dogs on the other hand love me and won't stop licking me and i'm seriously a slobered mess within five seconds of entering the house.  but that okay! 

my family has spoiled me rotten so far.  they've had a bbq for me, we've gone to lunch...we went to sweet tomatoes and o.m.g.  it was so good!  have any of you been there?  because i highly recommend it.  

in all.  i'm way excited to be out here.  it's going to be fast because of working two jobs but i'm going to love and appreciate every minute of it!  i hope all you have a great summer.  i'll try to stay updated on all of your blogs, promise.

my internet won't let me upload pictures so that's it for now.

xoxo, jamie


Rorie said...

Have fun!!!

& Stuff said...

Looks like you two had loads of fun! BTW this is Clayton

laur said...

i have no idea you moved to vegas?! i so admire you, i've always wanted to up and move and go on an adventure!! keep us posted on the fun!