Wednesday, April 6

a new addiction.

i took the fact that i have two days off this week for advantage.  on tuesday night, three of my bestie roommates and i decided to go to zumba.  we are all hooked.  we had such a good time, and the fact i can't shake my caboose definitely gave us a reason to laugh.  we are going again thursday for round two.

have you ever tried it?

xoxo, jamie


Lex C. said...

oh my gosh i looovve zumba!!!! great class!!!

...and i don't know if you've ever tried turbo kick, but that's another good one :) just saying.

Shana said...

I want to but I havn't gotten to a class yet! I love the idea of dancing to get into shape!

btd. said...

Glad you and your friends had fun. I've heard of it but haven't been able to try it yet!

Ashley Nicole said...

LOVE it. I'm in a class right now! are you taking it at sports academy?