Thursday, March 31

to do.

for awhile pictures have accumulated on pinterest of what i would like to organize...and since i get so excited about organization i'm going to share them with you.

earring holder.

magnetic make-up board.  LOVE THIS!
diy chalkboards.
inspiration wires
what's on your list to do?

xoxo, jamie

photographs {via, via & via}


Rorie said...

Looooove chalk boards. I would love to have a chalkboard wall!!!

Taylor said...

i am your newest follower, love your blog! :)

that magnetic makeup holder is INGENIOUS!

krisandkel said...

All those are so great! The magnet makeup board is SUCH a great idea but my favorite are the diy chalkboards.

Have a great weekend! :)

<3 kris&kel

ken.z. said...

first off. i love you dearly. we must get together sometime soon. and secondly, i've made an earring holder somewhat like the one pictured. i painted a picture frame then stapled mesh (like a screen window) onto the back. it was SUPER easy and i love it!

Olivia Juliann Crabtree said...

I love those! Especially the make-up and the chalkboards. It is so great!

DB said...

My mom made me an earring holder like this! I love it.

laurenjean. said...

the makeup board is fantastic... way to keep your makeup in order and in full view. i love it. dont know if i have room for one... but i love it!