Friday, March 25


this week was very overwhelming.  it pretty much ended thursday morning after my third exam so i took a very necessary four hour nap.  but i am very excited to say that it is now the weekend and i can now go back home to my family and boyfriend and just relax.

but before i get to go home i'm going to cheerleading try-outs.  not for me, i'm past that stage.  but one of my students from tumbling is trying out for high school cheer today.  so send good luck thoughts to her on an important day.  good luck steph!!

okay have a great friday everybody.  au revoir mon amis.

xoxo, jamie

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Bree said...

Yep, I'm in the same position right now :| 2 papers due next week, then 3 finals the Tues/Wed after. AHH! Stress is getting higher and higher..

Anonymous said...

aw this post was really cute!

oh and just realized should change 'mon amis' to 'mes amis'.. :)