Thursday, February 24

things i like right now.

i'm like a child when it comes to things i like.  one day i like this, the next i like that.  now this, now that.  it all gets very complicated sometimes.  mostly things stay like-able but sometimes it's fun to change it up.  here is what i'm currently swooning.

 the color red.

effortless hair using this product

 aviator sunglasses.

my army jacket.

all my scarves.

what are you currently liking?

xoxo, jamie
photographs {via}


Rorie said...

I looove aviator sunglasses but they dont look good on me =[

Anonymous said...

I'm liking the Sk pros headphones by Skullcandy

Stephanie said...

I'm liking my gray tights for the cool weather. I love Bruno Mars!

Brittany said...


I'm loving the first two pics! Red is such an awesome color! And I wish I had beachy hair like that second picture! xoxo Brit

Megan said...

Sigh. I wish I could have effortless hair like that. I am swooning over glitter nail polish right now. Yes, I'm in 4th grade again. Haha.

Kaleena J. said...

ooo yes yes yes! i love red too. and i've always been obsessed with scarves.