Monday, February 28

monday morning.

good morning loves.  hopefully you all had a great weekend.  what adventures did you engage in?  please do share!  i have one coming up that i'm super duper excited to tell you about!  it pertains to this summer...but i'm going to keep it a secret for a little bit.  but i do promise to tell once the time is right.

i hope all of you have a great, fantastic monday.

xoxo, jamie


Bree said...

This weekend was pretty darn good, but tiring! We went out for my friends 24th birthday, I got a great deal on a new laptop I so desperately needed and booked a trip to NYC! <3
Can't wait to hear what your little secret is :)

Kindros said...

No adventures this weekend. We did drive around and buy random things so we can play a game this weekend. No big deal. Good luck to your plans.

Ashton said...

Oh you know the usual karaoke on thursday night and bar crawl on saturday!...Read all about it over at Soulshine.

Glad you had a good weekend! Enjoy reading your blog everyday.

accidental country girl. said...

i LOVE that picture. that's all =)

oh, and i can't wait to hear about your upcoming adventure!