Thursday, January 27

my workout coach.

for christmas {yes this is late} i got this neat cool gadget that makes working out so much better.

it is a watch that for every time i workout for three minutes non-stop i get a bar and after sixty minutes of working out you get this code that you upload to the switch2health website to earn points.  once you earn enough points you can get gifcards or free things.

one option is to win a wii, but that takes about three days straight of working out.  and i'm not that dedicated.

cool huh?  you get free things just for going on a run or lifting weights.  i even earn points when i'm at work. 

it also smiles or frowns at you depending if you are moving or not.

this was just a something-something to inform you about my cool new watch.

xoxo, jamie


shebeelu said...

wow...that is oh so cool! it's a great way to motivate, good luck :)

Christopher said...

That's pretty cool, but does it keep time too? I'd think people would think you're a jerk if they asked you the time and you said you didn't know while wearing that thing.

Pia said...

Um, I have to have that watch! Seriously. Where can I get one?!

Portraying Taylor Ashley said...

thats serioulsy so cool! i want one! where did you get it? is hould have had it today i worked out six hours straight non stop. well besides to get drinks!