Saturday, January 1

changes are underway.

first off, i hope all of you enjoyed bringing in the new year. hello 2011!  i believe you and i will get along very well!

with the new year i decided i was going to do a little makeover on my blog.  last year was a big year for me and this blog.  i started this blog so my parents wouldn't get facebook and now look what it has created!  more followers than just my two parents.  i only hope for it to grow more this coming year!

so enjoy the makeover and enjoy the new year!

also, if you have any suggestions for me...please leave a {nice} comment or email me.  i would love to hear all your feedback since this is for you to enjoy too.

thank you for all your patience!  i'm excited to see what the new year brings.

xoxo, jamie

p.s. i am aware some of you are not receiving new feed (new posts in dashboard).  i am currently working on a solution for that.   
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btd. said...

Hope you had a great New Years & I like your new blog. It's fresh because everything's white and bright. :)

Anonymous said...

first, happy new year. & secondly, my blog has a new home. I retired my old blog. feel free to follow, I will be following you!


Alexis Campbell said...

I absolutely love your blog! I cannot wait to read more and see the way your blog develops this year :) My goals are a little different, but it's good that we both have some!