Thursday, December 23

dear everyone, merry christmas.

i just finished up wrapping all my gifts.

don't judge me that it took me this long.
i have this thing inside of me that pushes me to have everything perfect...
even if that means several different occasions back to the store.

but in all, i am done.
i only have 7 hours of work and 1 hour of driving in between me and spending time with loved ones.

 just wanted to wish everyone a very merry and safe holiday.
i'm hoping to do a post saturday night...we will see.

i leave you with this link to a great christmas song...

xoxo, jamie

picture via {weheartit}


L!$@ said...

Merry Christmas! :D

Bree said...

Merry Christmas! Hope your day goes fast so you can be with your family!

btd. said...

Merry Christmas!
Such an adorable picture!