Thursday, November 25

to all of you...


i'm enjoying the macy's day parade in my sweats...
then will be traveling down to ogden to enjoy a thanksgiving feast with the family.

i hope you all eat a lot and enjoy the company of loved ones.
may all you be thankful for everything in your life.

i'm thankful for all of you that read my blog.
i appreciate every comment and email.
thank you!

xoxo, jamie


Leah said...

I was just thinking about the Friends episode where Monica gets the Turkey stuck to her head. : )

abby | ybba said...

thanksgiving + friends = one great of a holiday.

man... i wish i can just curl up in bed, drink hot cocoa and have a marathon of watching friends!

anyway, have a happy thanksgiving!

btd. said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :)

That Blond Guy said...

Ha ha. (Laughs knowingly.) You Americans are so proud of your Thanksgivings.

You haven't had a Thanksgiving until you've had it in Austria.