Sunday, November 14

the parentals.

i have THE best parents in the world.
hands down.
they do so much for me that i find it hard to express in one short post.
so for the rest of november i'll be posting tid bits here and there.

thanks mom and dad for all you do.
you truly are the best :)

xoxo, jamie

p.s. i'm watching beauty and the beast right now which my mom bought me and i'm still full of my dad's amazing pancakes.

feel free to brag about your parent(s)/loved ones below too ;)

picture via {weheartit}


grace said...

thanks girl!
would be honored to be featured on your blog tomorrow, and any day!

Christopher said...

i was lucky enough to have two great parents too, it really helps

L!$@ said...

Parents are the best! I definitely got the right ones for me :P And of course THEY are the best parents in the world! hands down!

Bree said...

My parents do so much for me too, I'd be lost without them! I'm pretty lucky that they pay my bills, buy my groceries, and still buy me a lot of things in general. Sometimes, being an only child has its perks!