Tuesday, November 2

because making these makes me happy...

so it's time for another happy list.

bright colored scarves.
two paychecks on one day.
the freshness of the air after a rain shower.
rain boots in puddles.
thinking of how to change my hair.
a return of a good friend after two years.
the spirit of halloween.
sleeping in until ten after a long weekend.
fall colors on trees and fashion.
the warmth from peacoats.
ryan reynolds.

vogue, glamour, bazaar, marie claire.
new music on my ipod.
tootsie rolls and every other candy out there.
nerd glasses.
looking forward to the holidays.
my new trench coat.
sleeping with three blankets because of the cold.
new followers!

what makes you happy?

xoxo, jamie

picture via {weheartit}


Leah said...

Oh I agree with the entire list. Wow, that is a H-O-T picture of Mr. Reynolds! Yum! : )

Allie Burnham said...

ryan reynolds is delicious, i also like fall, the anticipation of snow, waking up to the sun through my window, and hot chocolate that warms my insides :)

Cameron Armstrong said...

Having an interesting conversation with a beautiful girl, working out, reaching my writing goals, cookie dough frappé, awesome music

Kenz said...

not going to natural disasters should also be on here :)

Meghan said...

Ryan Reynolds sure makes me happy!

J.Cee said...

Oh hot damn. It's Ryan Reynolds!

I think I'll start making a happy list too. I need to find reasons to smile at the end of the day.