Saturday, October 9

saturday afternoon...

and i'm sitting in bed catching up on all your blogs, as well as finding new ones :)

it's slightly overcast today and i love it.
i just love lazy days like this, so relaxing.
the only down fall is that i'm too lazy to get up and go downstairs to the kitchen for food.
i'm sure as the stomach noises grow bigger i'll venture my way down.

 last night was fun!  thriller was amazing, like always :)
i went with one of my girls and then went to iggy's after for some din din.
such a fun night!

we got thinking and for summer we want to nanny...preferably in the east.
so if you have experience or thoughts about that PLEASE let me know.

xoxo, jamie
p.s. i have a date tonight!
p.p.s. my bff comes home in 18 days from his mission.
p.p.p.s.  satc2 comes out on video in 17 days :)
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Cookie Ross said...

Oooohh a date :P get you!
Have fun kids, be safe, be home at a respectable hour, and wear your electrified underwear.
No drink, no drugs, no pillaging, no murder, no trips to the moon and no kidnapping waiters and demanding ransoms from their families.

Just making sure someone's laying down the rules :P xxx

Rorie said...

I am having a pretty lazy day too, I am doing some work on my laptop, but I am in sweats and a messy bun cuddled up in bed =]

Loovee it!!
Have fun on your date!!

*~Alicia Bob~* said...

Jamie!!! I love your blog :) And I love lazy days. And I love you. And we need to hang out soon!! Annnnddd I'm so excited for David to come home!! Hope your date went well!

margg. said...

i hope your date went well :)

this is so lovely.