Wednesday, October 20

pretty please!?

i found this adorable baby porcupine and fell in love, so naturally, i google animals that i can't have.

i wonder what my roommates would do if one day i brought one of these home?

it's just me dreaming right now ;)

have a good wednesday.

xoxo, jamie


L!$@ said...

Baby animals are the best! If only they stayed that small for ever.

Yuuka said...

OMG! sooooo cute!!!!!
If I were your roommate! I would be soooooooo happy!!!
They are adorable~~~!


Linda Pochinda said...

they are undescribably adorable. I love baby-animals... gosh! thanks for sharing - it made me smile!


Rorie said...

My friend had a hedge hog and loved him, you should get one!!

I use to have a sugar glider!! google them!! they are like little flying chipmunks! So cute. Her name was Lola =[ she died though booo.

Jess said...

OH how cute!! I want to bring these home too!

Kenz said...

I'll buy the Porcupine with you! Its adorable.

Lea said...

so cute pictures:)
the last one is my favourite:)
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Krystal said...

I've done the same thing!!!! Somehow I managed to come across a mini pig with four bright red rain boots on. The only love at first sight experience I've ever had. HA!

btd. said...

I love wild animals!

Leah said...

Oh my goodness! These are adorable and I want all of them! Why is this not possible? Hmmm... : ) I'm your newest follower. Check out my blog at

TrendyTrashy said...

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