Thursday, October 14

just ignore me...

while i just dream about my future.

i dream of being a successful business woman {with style of course}

i dream of living in a big city

i dream of visiting paris {of course}
i dream of adopting a dog :)
i dream of finding love ♥
but most importantly i dream of being happy :)
 xoxo, jamie

pictures via {weheartit}


L!$@ said...

That all soudns wonderful :D Specially finding the love...I want that one the most :P

A & C said...

oh, this is such a cute post!

ps. I live in utah too!!

Krystal said...

I love that you know what you want!

Brooke Shoko said...

jamie i loved this post by the way!
hope you're having an awesome semester!!

david said...

I love simplicity, real thoughts and beautiful pictures. Very cool. Congratulations

btd. said...

Are you reading my mind again? I told you about that! Lol, but instead of being a business woman, I want to be a journalist. :)