Wednesday, October 6

decision help.

with halloween coming up i'm thinking...and i can't decide what to be!?

so this is where you come in!  
what are you planning on being?  
what have you been in the past that worked out?  
was it cheap? {remember i'm a poor college student surviving off of cheerios.}

last year i was "risky business" so that ones out.
it's a good one though if you need an idea!

okay peeps start letting me know your {incredible} thoughts so i can start figuring this out.
only if you would like to help out of course.  thank you :)

xoxo, jamie

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Cookie Ross said...
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Cookie Ross said...

I want to be a total nerd and go as something like Link from The Legend of Zelda... But that's me being weird, and people will think I'm a gay elf...
Scratching that I'll go as a zombie "currently in the news" celebrity. Haha.
Being a poor student, zombies or vampires are easy as hell but very generic.
Try to vary one of the common costumes with your own flare :)

Rorie said...

Hahah mine is absolutley ridiculous and I am only being it because it crack me up and my boyfriend is going to think I am the coolest gf ever.
My friend and I are being Terrance and Phillip from South Park. I hate south park, but its going to make me laugh.
Alls I did was buy a blue long sleeve shirt and a iron on P and had black shorts and flip flops.
Cost me $10 total!!

So fun!

btd. said...

You could be Snoopy! Like wear all white and maybe buy like white dog ears from the dollar store and paint your nose black. I did that last year. :) It was quite cute! :)

Allie Burnham said...

last year i was a crayon. i just wore blue shorts with a blue t-shirt that i decorated by putting "crayola" on the front, and the name of my color on the back. Then I just bought a birthday hat, mixed some paint, and painted it the color i needed it to be. it cost me like, 5 bucks and it was super comfy and if you're going to the howl its nice and cool as well which is always great. good luck!