Saturday, October 2

crazy eight.

as said in a previous post...i had some juicy things to talk about.  well after actually writing the post.  i feel like i can't.  not that i don't want to post it, but a lot of people i know read this blog and it's directly linked to my facebook {and with the current stat button, i can tell people actually use that link}.

so if you really want to read it, you may email me and i may email you the post.  ha.  i know i shouldn't care, but i do.  the post isn't mean, it's just about my past boy situations and that could be awkward if any of them were to read it. 

so there you have me if you want it.

also i have another lovely tag to do.
this time it's from a favorite blogger .simply.girly.

1) what is your favorite type of dessert?
oh that's so hard since i'm such a sweets girl...probably cake or warm cookies, or even brownies {such a hard decision}

2) what is your favorite season? (if you get seasons)
fall...definitely.  {i have blogged about that so much lately}

3) do you like/love where you live or do you feel like you need to 'get out'?
i do love utah...but i want to 'get out'. ha. i just want to explore different places and cultures.  i've grown up in utah my whole life and feel like i need to expierence different things.

4) favorite class you ever took (whether it was high school, college etc)?
oh this is hard.  in high school i really enjoyed internship but in college i guess i would say my law and ethics class.

5) do you consider yourself more of a small-town girl or a big city girl?
big city!  even though i live in a smaller town i guess.  i just fantasize about being in a big city.

6) what is your favorite part of blogging?
reading all your blogs and learning so much about you and your insight on life.

7) what would be your animal of choice?
to have?  a west highland terrier or border collie.  my favorite?  panda bear!

8) if you were to star in a movie, who would you want to be your male sidekick?
ryan reynolds. 
i'd tap that ;)

well that was fun.  now it's these eight lovelies to let answer these next eight questions.

and here are your questions...
1.  what piece of clothing best describes or represents you?
2.  what's your favorite cereal?
3.  if you could live anywhere {no restrictions} where would you live?
4.  what do you have to have with you all the time?
5.  is there someone in your life who has made a big impact?
6.  if you could date any celebrity, who would it be?  and why?
7.  why do you blog?
8.  what's your biggest wish in life?

xoxo, jamie


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I am more of a city girl myself. I just can't get enough of the night lights, the shopping, the coffee shops, everything. Have a lovely weekend sweetie!

Cookie Ross said...

I've been tagged, what does this mean :O

Rorie said...

I would love to hear your story via e-mail!!!

If you feel like sharing!!

Jamie said...

Oh fun! I love your answers. I feel honored to be tagged. :]

Carli said...

yo you should e-mail me that post, it caught my attention.