Wednesday, September 8

welcome to fall.

sorry for the lack of blogging.

between classes starting, getting use to a new schedule and everything else i have had little time to write on here.  so i apologize.  can you forgive me?

has anyone heard rihanna's new song?
i have been listening to it all morning long over and over again.
least give it a try, please!

it officially seems like fall now!
i'm excited to break out my boots and sweaters.
to drink hot chocolate.
and cozy up in warm blankets.

doesn't that sound marvelous?
i think so too!

have a great week and i'll try to be back soon

xoxo, jamie

picture via {weheartit}


Rorie said...

I love fall & can not wait for sweaters either!!
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Tucker said...

welcome to fall sweet jamie!

Julia said...

Oh man I know exactly what you mean! I just started grad school, and between moving, orientation, new friends, new classes, and everything else, I've barely had time to brush my hair, let alone blog!

But now that I'm figuring out my regular schedule, I hope to have a little more time.

Good luck at school! :)

btd. said...

I didn't even know Rhianna came out with a new song!
I definitely can't wait for the sweaters and hot chocolate too! :)