Saturday, August 7

would you like to see...

some pictures!?

well here you go.

 one of three weddings i had that night.

meet my mom and sarah!

second wedding of the night.

this was at the park city art festival!  so much fun but so chilly.

my partners in crime :)

oh and this is who spent time with me for three days at the outdoor show.
isn't he a cutie?!

i honestly don't know the last time i uploaded personal pictures.
i hope you enjoyed them.

xoxo, jamie


Amoree (Rorie) said...

Awhhh You look beautiful!!!
& 3 weddings in one night!!!

Barry said...

THREE weddings, that's crazy!!It looks like you had a good time though. Love these photos Jamie, you are stunningly gorgeous. Just sayin'.

Hey who's the pooch?

Kaleena J. said...

So, um, yeah. I want that dog. That is all.

Bree said...

You must have been exhausted after the 3 weddings! There was a festival in the city this weekend but because of school work I couldn't go booo

Reina said...

holy crap !!! three weddings! I do love weddings though ;D
thats a lot of dressing up in one weekend ( of course i do love that too)